Flat For Sale In North Karachi

North Karachi is one of the best neighborhoods in Karachi, offering affordable housing for the middle and lower-middle-class of the city.

As one of Karachi’s oldest residential and commercial neighborhoods, North Karachi brings in an amazing combination of modern amenities, affordability, and robust connectivity to the city’s major arteries. The North Karachi neighborhood is situated in the District Central of Karachi Division and is an urban center with proximity to many neighborhoods, including Naya Nazimabad, Buffer Zone, F.B. Area, New Karachi, North Nazimabad, Rajput Muhalla, Machar Colony and others. North Karachi is home to different ethnicities as an affordable locality, offering a delicate yet fine balance of cultural and ethnic diversity.

The neighborhood of North Karachi has six major sectors, which are numbered from seven to twelve. Each sector is then further sub-divided into sub-sectors. The locality offers robust connectivity and easy accessibility to all major city centers, including Godhra Road, Sharah-e-Noor-Jahan, Noorani Eid Gah, Anda Mor, Shahrah-e-Usman, Sher Shah Suri Road, Rashid Minhas Road and others.

At present, North Karachi is home to millions of Karachiites, mostly belonging to the middle and lower-middle class. Apart from residential properties, the locality also offers various commercial properties offering great business opportunities to its residents.

North Karachi at a Glance

  • A densely populated neighborhood offering affordable yet luxurious living standard to residents
  • Robust road network with access to all major city’s arteries
  • Affordable residential and commercial properties great for living and business
  • Proximity to several posh and urban neighborhoods
  • Accessibility to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, parks, cinemas, and other recreational facilities
  • Well-established infrastructure


On average, a one-bedroom flat for sale in North Karachi may cost anywhere from PKR 15 lacs to PKR 50 lacs, whereas a two-bedroom flat for sale in North Karachi may cost anywhere from PKR 30 lacs to PKR 1 crores.

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