House For Sale In North Nazimabad

House for Sale in North Nazimabad

As the name suggests, North Nazimabad is a locality situated in the Northern part of Karachi. The locality is home to over one million people and serves as the city center with various societies located within the surrounding of the locality. Some of the societies surrounding North Nazimabad include F.B Area, North Karachi, and Buffer Zone.

North Nazimabad is known for its glorious past. The locality was developed in the 1950s by the Government of Pakistan to house Muslim refugees from India. Over the years, North Nazimabad became one of the most harmonious, educated, and posh societies not just in Karachi but across the country. North Nazimabad once houses some of the country’s best talents, from writers to literary nobles and from sportsmen to doctors, engineers, and academics.

Even though the locality has seen some deterioration over time, it is still one of the best localities in Karachi and home to highly educated residents. If you, too, are looking for house for sale in North Nazimabad, Shaheed Reality can help you in your quest.

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Prices trend for house for sale in North Nazimabad

North Nazimabad is one of the largest localities in Karachi, with various residential and commercial blocks that are in high demand. Although many of the blocks in North Nazimabad cost higher than other localities, the locality also provides affordable housing solutions for Karachi residents. The prices vary significantly according to blocks, with some blocks better for the middle class and others more suited for the upper-middle class.

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